Selected pieces I've written from around the web.


No More Second Chances, short fiction, Medium (2018)

Never Too Young, flash fiction, Medium (2018)

Better, novel chapter, Medium (2017)

It’s All Immaterial, short fiction, Medium (2017)


12 Months of Writing, on writing, Medium (2018)

I Am Free, on minimalism, on personal growth, Medium (2018)

The Hardest Job in the World, on parenting, Medium (2018)

Words on a Whisper, on creativity, Medium (2017)

Everything Is Normal, on parenting, Medium (2017)

You don’t need those organs anyways… right? on medicine, on life, Medium (2017)

It Was The Look On Her Face, on mental health, Medium (2017)

That’s A Twenty Well Spent, on humanity, The Ascent (2017)

I Was Supposed To Be An Artist, on creativity, Medium (2017)