All the tools I use as an entrepreneur and writer. Because who doesn't love to know what everyone else uses?
(It can't only be me, right..?)

  • Scrivener is a word-processing, outlining, and formatting app/software designed for writers. "Scrivener provides a management system for documents, notes and metadata." (Wikipedia)
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  • Medium to host my blog. It also serves as my favorite reading platform for discover other writers, and a place I find content to share with my readers each week.
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  • Hustle Co. A5 Dotted Notebook is a bound journal which I use for several different things: A personal journal, a bullet journal, and a notebook for each project including novels, one for story ideas, and one for this website! It’s one of the best quality notebooks I’ve used. (120gsm paper = little to no ghosting, even with my ridiculously heavy pen…)
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  • iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard for hand drawn designs and lightweight, on-the-go travel computing. (Squarespace doesn't support website alterations from "a mobile device" though, so I keep a MacBook Pro for that—see below).
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  • MacBook Pro for all my computing needs. They outlast all laptops in their class and offer a simple, easy-to-use interface and "only the best" applications and software. One of my favorite things about Apple products are never having to worry about dealing with crappy antivirus software.
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  • Content Strategy Planner for content planning and developing my year-to-year business strategy.
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  • Bullet Journaling in a Hustle Co. A5 Dotted Notebook to maintain my personal undertakings, tasks lists, week-to-week schedule, etc.
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  • ConvertKit Email Marketing Platform to run all of my email sequences, campaigns, weekly newsletter, and funnels.
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  • Squarespace to run, content manage, and host my websites. It's a solid content management online-based software to create great-looking websites with lots of built-in storage and more. I like never having to update it and their forum and customer support are assets.
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On Business

  • The Conquer Kit is a creative business planner for women entrepreneurs by Natalie McNeil. It helped me set up my goals and focuses for my business.

  • The Content Strategy Planner for mapping out all of my content, goals, projects and more.

  • Good To Great: Why Companies Make The Leap...And Others Don't is a study-based book on elite companies that maintained their ranks fifteen years or longer. Great takeaways for even solo entrepreneurs.

  • Will It Fly? is a book my SmartPassiveIncome's Pat Flynn about testing business ideas before you waste time and money diving into something that will certainly fail.

  • The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey because good money management is another key to personal and professional success.

On Creativity

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