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Hi, I'm Sara.

And I'm a writer, visual artist, and mom-person currently scrawling on Medium and for other publications. SEGwrites is the collective home for my recent writings published around the web.


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Featured Stories

"Better"—A Short Story

A small snippet from my novel in progress. Max’s perspective.

The sound of the highway was quite loud in the rented little Ford car.

I shifted in my seat. It angled into my back leaving me feeling like a squished giant. I peered over at Cheryl before double-checking the GPS mounted onto the dashboard. We were about ten minutes from the airport. Ten minutes of silence, I hoped.

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"No More Second Chances"—A Short Story

Her life was one that housewives watched on Facebook, longing for a moment in her shoes.

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"It's All Immaterial"—A Short Story

And there it was, the answer he never expected.

Three months to live and nothing can be done. He could start chemotherapy, but as his doctor said: “It may extend your life for a few months, however, it’s going to be miserable. Chemotherapy may just make your last few months unbearable. I’m sorry.”

Thanks, Doc.

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